"It all started out over a decade ago. Rick Kenniston was my colleague and boss, but transformed into a mutual, respectful and long friendship. We shared stories, secrets, laughter, tears, meals and continue to do so on a regular basis. An excellent family man and oriented Dad, always a presence at ball games and school activities! Well liked and respected by his peers, as well as, judges and diverse court officers, he is hard working at seeking justice for all his clients. Don't ever underestimate him, he comes to court always prepared!!!! He is an advocate of my choice. I highly recommend Rick for all your legal matters."

-Marianne Dalati Oghia

"My name is Karen. 9 years ago I was in a very abusive marriage. He would hit me, put a gun to my head and even took a knife and run it over my arms to threaten me. I went to Richard Kenniston because I knew my only way out safely for my three children and myself was with a professional. Richard explained very well to me what I had to do, so I did. Little did we know this "divorce" was going to be so aggressive. The husband would have me arrested numerous times on false charges. He would even kidnap my children at Christmas. He would have social services after me numerous times. He even tried to get the judge to stop my domestic violence order against him. The husband would eventually go to prison for 7 years but would still have me in court over something. Rick has stood by my side every time I needed him. Every court date Rick was there. It is very scary going to court, especially when you have to face someone who has taught you the meaning of fear. Rick always made me feel about as comfortable as possible in this situation. Rick has fought very had to keep my three children and myself safe from an abuser. To this day, I can talk to Rick day or night about anything and he is always there. For someone who has been through so much this means a lot. I would recommend Richard Kenniston to anyone because he isn't just a lawyer but a true friend. He has been my guardian angel!!"

"My name is Donnie. My wife and I were illegally evicted from our home during a bankruptcy dispute. Mr. Kenniston won our case in federal court and went above and beyond to help us. We had no transportation and court was 30 miles away. He would pick us up and drive us to the courthouse for our court appearances. He helped us when we needed him. No one would have done for us what Mr. Kenniston did."

"After having used the services of four different lawyers, I was given a referral to Mr. Kenniston for my legal needs, and he has so far proven himself superior to all the others. No matter what day or time that I needed his advice, he was available to answer any questions that I had. He keeps in contacts with his clients to ensure they are knowledgeable of their case, and he will even drive all the way from his office to meet in your area. He seems to care more about his clients than any lawyer I have ever met and made me feel like my case was a priority to him. He is very easy to work with and I am much more confident than ever in court now with him on my side.'

-Karen Wallace

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